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I wanted to cry but I just bit my lip to stop myself from getting teary-eyed!

…..to be continued!

Tummy Trips: On Filipino Foods 09.04.14

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It was my first time to dine together with my colleagues at work + with our boss, here in Dubai. Since I have no idea of of where to eat, they tried listing down all possible buffet areas that would even meet our budget. And it all came down to one — Agemono.

It’s a Filipino restaurant located somewhere in Satwa, actually there are a lot of branches all over Dubai ( but I don’t know where are the other branches). 

Being that person who doesn’t include seafoods and pork on my diet, it’s a challenge sometimes to choose what to eat. Everything that was laid in there at that time was of seafoods, so it’s pretty tough.

I know it’s quite rude to start eating without waiting for everyone but most of us came from work and we’re already hungry. I started my meal with Fried rice, Fried fish with lemons, and thin-sliced squash coated and fried. My second serving was still the same, I just added Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet on my menu. We all had Iced Tea (that looks like beer) for our drinks, Macaroni Salad, Brownies, and Carrot Cake for dessert. 

Our boss would like to treat us for another round of dessert at Baskin Robbins but we’re too full. #SpellSayang Maybe next time :)

Hope you enjoy my posts. :)

Sweet Treats: 08.14-15.14 | 09.04-09.14

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Here’s to another Sweet Treats Late Posts:

Cookies ‘N Cream Ice Cream. We had those nights when we just wanted to eat a pint of ice cream before going to sleep. 

Kuya Jun’s batchoy. Kuya Jun gave us this yummy treat one night. I just love the smell of garlic and the quail eggs.

Strawberry Cheesecakes. Cheesecakes here are quite different. These strawberry cheesecakes are yummy — not too sweet! 

Agemono’s Buffet Plate. My not-so-stuffed-plate during our food trip at Agemono (with my co-workers). That looks like a beer but it’s actually Iced Tea.

082614: Philippine Package on a Tuesday

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The moment I landed here in Dubai, I couldn’t stop thinking about every little thing I left in the Philippines — especially, the food. Chicken Inasal, My mama’s Beef Nilaga, Piaya, etc., Name it all. I was craving for it. 

July came. Antoniel said he’ll go home to the Philippines. Since I can’t be with them, I jokingly told them to send me some piaya and tart here in Dubai. I was the happiest girl alive when he agreed. However, I was sad at the same time seeing their pictures having the best days of their lives. Kakainggit!

August came. Noy2 messaged me that he’s going to send the package already and it would arrived here after 7 days. Good thing, it was delivered on the day of my day off. It totally made my day + my craving was solved. :) 

These guys must have loved me… A for effort!!! :) 

The Questions: Places

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imageI’ve been receiving a lot of Tag questions from Tumblr friends eventhough I barely answer them nowadays. It’s been a long time since I last answered one here on Tumblr. Anyways, thank you so much Liza (of thelostlassie) for tagging me. It means a lot… 

What country do you come from?

I’m from a place where everything is ‘more fun’, where people are resilient and everyone’s a hero , the Pearl Of The Orient Seas, the Philippines. 

What country do you live in?

I’m currently living in the city of Gold — Dubai, UAE. 

What’s good/and or bad about the place you live in?

Good. I’ve got a JOB in here so basically, that’s one point. Next, SAFETY. I felt safe in here, no one’s gonna run after you and rob you your cellphone. The METRO STATION — I haven’t tried our very own MRT but I will be biased at this time. Dubai’s Metro Station even looked nicer than our airport. DISCIPLINE — yup! People here are afraid to break the rules. Why? It would costs you a fortune to break one. You’ll definitely know who’s local or not in this place when crossing the street. Mostly, Filipinos would wait for the Pedestrian signal light to go green before crossing the street while the other nationalities doesn’t care at all. SALES… yeah, definitely a haven for shoppers. Being a MULTIRACIAL country, you’ll definitely encounter a lot of nationality in just one day, got to learn their language and interact with them. FOOD - you can buy anything you want especially chocolates!

Bad. The HEAT. Too Hell to handle. HOUSING COST — one room would cost you Php 20,000, a bed-space is like Php 5000+ when converted to Philippine Peso. 

What is/are your favorite places to go?

The whole world is my favorite place I guess. I can’t think of anything particular because by then, I will be mentioning each and every country in the world. However, the loveliest place for me is no other than our HOME where I spent my 23 years of existence.

Where is your dream place to live?

I’m more of a countryside-type-of-a-person. So basically, that would be somewhere mountainous like New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, Switzerland, North Carolina, Italy, Japan, South Korea, etc. 

I may not be a beach bum, but I would love to build a house where the beach and the mountains meet like those white-blue houses in Greece, or somewhere in Hawaii or in Australia.

Where do you want to be right now?

At HOME, eating beef nilaga on a rainy day, talking to my parents and playing with my dear cousin, Abby.

There you go. :)

Sweet Treats: 08.23.14

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#KrispyKreme doughnuts from Daniel’s mom. (Daniel’s a regular customer in our splashpad and so is his mom, and oftentimes, she would give us a box of delightful treats). :)

Life Lately

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Hello there, whimsies!

I’m still alive!

Many of you have been wondering where I’ve been, what I’ve been doing since I haven’t posted that much. My life was pretty jammed between work and rest. Unlike in the Philippines where you can get 2 days off a week, only those working in offices are lucky enough to get 2 rest days per week. I missed spending my time here on Tumblr and everyone as well. Here’s a little update about me and my life here in Dubai. 

I wasn’t able to tell you much about my work. (Well, as I said in my previous posts, I’m going to have a separate story for this but I’m going to give you an overview of about it.) My work involves assisting, talking, and playing with the kids as well as having conversations with their parents with different cultural backgrounds. Pretty interesting, though.

Every morning, I used to watched from my window seat those tall buildings that surrounds the entire city. For almost 4 months that I’ve been living in this city, medyo nakaka-adjust na rin ako — well, except for the heat though. It’s getting hotter everyday! Don’t get surprised if you notice that I turned 10x darker!

I’ve watched She’s Dating The Gangster and I must say, first time kong kiligin sa #KathNiel. Seriously. 

Tiffany’s Butter Cookies are now my new favorite!

I saw a couple of good finds from an ukay-ukay here in Dubai, at the same time, a marked-down dress from Forever 21 and New Look. Yey!

Val of Bloggersph sent me some questions weeks ago. I totally feel like a legit blogger. Wahahaha. #ThankYouVal 

I just wished I could update my blog as often as possible :) Anyways, have a great day today!

(Dubai Marina, Dubai)

Sweet Treats: 07.22-24-29.14

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For my first salary, I treated my brother and my sister-in-law, a box of Papa John’s All The Meat Pizza with Cheese sticks as a starter. Love it!

Double Dutch Ice cream have always been my favorite among Selecta’s flavors. A glass of this yummy bliss for myself!

Macaroons from Spinneys! Arriving from work, I was welcomed with a bag of sweet macaroons! Hooray!

Megha’s Mom Sandwich. A yummy treat from a new-found-friend. It’s like empanada and french toast rolled into one with a spicy twist. I really like it. You’ll meet Megha soon!

Oreo from Sir Jo. :)

Pretzels from a customer. He’s one of those regular Dads who came with her 2 daughters in the Splashpad. I was at the gate when he gave me this pretzels. :) Thank you Sir!

Sweet Treats: 07.19.14

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Boss: There’s a cake here for you guys.

Me: (thinking) Umm, thank you Sir. (with a smile)

Boss gave us a slice of cake from Paul. Yum! It tastes like brownies! :) Thank you Sir Phillip!

Sweet Treats: 08.03-09.14

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I’m back!!! With a sweet vengeance!!! Hey there! I’ve been receiving quite a number of messages who miss my food posts. 

I misses it too! Well, here’s a treat for everyone!

Krispy Kreme!!!

08.03.14. Since we managed the entire month without a day-off, our boss treated us with a dozen of doughnuts as what he had promised. We shared it with the rest of the gang also! Ate Maymay, Yuka, Kuya Bernard, and Carlo! 

08.09.14. Me, Yuka and Ate May-may kind of miss eating doughnuts, so we ended up buying a dozen for ourselve. We split the doughnuts among the 7 of us - that’s me, Yuka, Ate MayMay, Carlo, Madi, Michael, and Madam Norie. 

That’s it! :) 

Hope everything is well with you guys!