Sweet Treats: 07.22-24-29.14

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For my first salary, I treated my brother and my sister-in-law, a box of Papa John’s All The Meat Pizza with Cheese sticks as a starter. Love it!

Double Dutch Ice cream have always been my favorite among Selecta’s flavors. A glass of this yummy bliss for myself!

Macaroons from Spinneys! Arriving from work, I was welcomed with a bag of sweet macaroons! Hooray!

Megha’s Mom Sandwich. A yummy treat from a new-found-friend. It’s like empanada and french toast rolled into one with a spicy twist. I really like it. You’ll meet Megha soon!

Oreo from Sir Jo. :)

Pretzels from a customer. He’s one of those regular Dads who came with her 2 daughters in the Splashpad. I was at the gate when he gave me this pretzels. :) Thank you Sir!

Sweet Treats: 07.19.14

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Boss: There’s a cake here for you guys.

Me: (thinking) Umm, thank you Sir. (with a smile)

Boss gave us a slice of cake from Paul. Yum! It tastes like brownies! :) Thank you Sir Phillip!

Sweet Treats: 08.03-09.14

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I’m back!!! With a sweet vengeance!!! Hey there! I’ve been receiving quite a number of messages who miss my food posts. 

I misses it too! Well, here’s a treat for everyone!

Krispy Kreme!!!

08.03.14. Since we managed the entire month without a day-off, our boss treated us with a dozen of doughnuts as what he had promised. We shared it with the rest of the gang also! Ate Maymay, Yuka, Kuya Bernard, and Carlo! 

08.09.14. Me, Yuka and Ate May-may kind of miss eating doughnuts, so we ended up buying a dozen for ourselve. We split the doughnuts among the 7 of us - that’s me, Yuka, Ate MayMay, Carlo, Madi, Michael, and Madam Norie. 

That’s it! :) 

Hope everything is well with you guys!

On Being Grateful

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imageI know I’ve been Missing-In-Action for a few weeks now, well almost a month, I guess, and I really missed writing. There are a lot of things that had transpired during these past couple of weeks and I couldn’t be any more thankful. As promised, I’m back! Let me start.

WORK. I already had a job and I started working last month. I actually turned one month yesterday. I am so grateful to my work right now at the same time, I am happy. I’ll write a separate post for this. 

HEALTH. For the past month that I didn’t have a single day-off, I am so grateful that I didn’t get sick (except 2 days ago). 

TRAVEL. I’m grateful for the privilege of seeing new places and experiencing different cultures. For being here in Dubai although the summer is just too hell to handle at this time, but then, I’m still happy that I was given this chance to experience the other side of the world. And finally, I can save up for my future travels with the best people in the world.

NEW FOUND FRIENDS. Well, umm, I’m happy that I was able to meet new set of people here. And they’re super nice. Even though it’s only three days, but then, it’s nice to meet these people having different backgrounds. 

SEEING SUNSETS. The sunsets here are way beautiful. There are days when it’s orange-y, and in some days, it would color the sky with purple and pink shade. I feel blessed to witness every set of it each afternoon. 

TUMBLR. Yey! I’m back! And I’m so happy because I have lots of stories to tell and I miss all of you guys!

BANANA AND NUTELLA. My meal wouldn’t be complete without this perfect combo. These two just made me happy.

DAY OFF. Finally! 4-Days-Off! My work was the main reason why I couldn’t find time to just sit down and write my thoughts. Since the 17th of July, I have been so busy, plus the fact that the other employees need to stop working because they need to have their visas change because they transferred to the company where I belong. It was quite a whirlwind for me because of the transition that had happened. I eventually became a temporary receptionist-slash-cashier-slash-play attendant and all. We were only 3 at that time and we had to manage the place plus the Eid holiday. We all had to wait for like 3 weeks for them to come back. And now, they’re back! Yey!

This is just a start of my many stories so watch out for the rest :)

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I wish I could just sit here and let my thoughts wander but I can’t. As much as I wanted to and how I missed writing on my site, I have to go to work. Thank you guys for not leaving me and to the new ones, welcome and be my friends! 

Anyways, I’ll be back and I have lots of stories to tell! I PROMISE! 

Ciao for now!

Sweet Treats: 06.122024 - 07.0112.14

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06.24.14 - KFCs Chicken with Yellow Rice and Chicken with Burger and Fries. The first one, humaygas, I can’t stand the smell. The taste is good but the smell is just *uggghhh. Mapanghi lang talaga yung pang-amoy ko sa kanin na yun. Sorry! Their chicken is good + the fries and the bread. 

06.20.14 - KFCs Twist with Fries, Corn and Coleslaw. The twist is like a shawarma. However, instead of shredded meat, it’s chicken nuggets and I love it. There’s a whole bunch of goodies din like fries, coleslaw and buttered corn.

06.12.14. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and munchkins. Love it. ‘Nuff said.

06.20.14. McDonalds Vanilla Sundae. My brother would always treat me with this 1AED ice cream sundae from McDonals. But the Philippine version is way better. 

07.01.14. Chowking Halo-Halo. Their version is better than ours. They’ve got 2 ice cream scoops (strawberry and mango - but it tastes like melon), leche flan, ube, and a lot more. I love it.

07.12.14. Spinney’s Chocolate Caramel Cookies. I love this one. Not too sweet but kind of bitter-salty. But I love it. It has almonds and caramel. 

And there are days that I would always end my meal with Banana + Nutella. Heaven! Yesterday, I tried it with Selecta’s Vanilla Ice cream with Nutella and Banana. Pure Bliss!

Dubai Adventures

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imageDUBAI, UAE — We had our last Tuesdate before the month of June ends. My brother mentioned this place once but he wasn’t very serious about it because it’s kind of a ‘not-too-far-yet-not-so-near’ kind of place and after all, it’s just another mall in Dubai. And it’s not really super ideal to travel that quiet far since Mr. Sunshine just seems to be in his hottest state at this time. I happened to find a blog accidentally on the web regarding this mall and I just can’t believe the blog’s content. I got so excited and thrilled at the same time that I was already pleading that we’ll push through with the plan. 

Take note that this will be quite a heavy photo post. As you’ll go through, you’ll discover why this has become my favorite Mall at the moment. 

IBN Battuta is an explorer and is considered as one of the greatest travellers of all time. And so Dubai created a mall named after him which is a travel-themed mall divided in 6 courts. And I believe that it’s the only one in the world - for now. You see, I am one of those who want to see as many places as I can. And to discover a gem like this, it seems that I already have traveled to many places in just one day. I don’t care if it’s just replicas because to me, it means HAPPINESS! Are you ready to travel to 6 places in just a day? Join me!


imageThe very first place we went to was EGYPT. On the outside court, you’ll see that the walls are carved with hieroglyphics. You’ll be amazed at how they designed the walls with pictures from the ancient time. I got so overwhelmed because it’s just so beautiful. 

imageimageThere were windows and lanterns hanging around to create a more Egyptian ambiance together with those tall Date Palms. 

imageOne of the things you’ll see in the Egyptian court was the Observational Armillary Sphere where astronomers record and observes the celestial bodies. 

imageA colorful spot in the center of the court. 


imageNext Stop: PERSIA. The Modern Day Iran. Upon entering the court, you’ll definitely notice that the place is mostly made out of blue tiles which formed beautiful mosaics.

imageThe floors have also colorful combinations.

imageOne of the most beautifully designed domes could be found in the Persian court. Look at that! It’s like a peacock feather. I fell in love with this! You’ll find cafe’s in here especially Starbucks. 

imageThis is the IBN BATTUTA map which features the places he’d been too.


imageWe finally went to CHINA by this time. Upon entering this court, I can smell the Chinese burning incense that makes me feel like I’m totally in China. 

imageRed tiles and intricate floral designs surround the place with Chinese lanterns and dragon pictures all over the place. 

imageimageWe were looking for a place to eat when we saw this giant ship in the middle of the court. Blue, Red, and Gold blended so well within the area. 

imageimageA shipwrecked of Chinese goods surrounded by fountains. 


imageI had so much expectation with INDIA. Since it’s one of those places I wished to visit someday, I was thinking of a more structured Taj Mahal in the middle of the court. 

imageimageOne of the features found in this court aside from being so white is this Elephant Clock replica. It was a tribute to one of Muslim’s greatest inventors Al Jazari. 

imageNonetheless, you’ll definitely feel the Hindi aura upon seeing these marble carved windows painted in white as what we commonly see in a typical Hindu Temple. 

imageimageSome of the features in the India court were inspired by the Pearl Mosque in India and also of the Taj Mahal. 


imageNow, let’s now booked our flight going to TUNISIA. 

imageimageAmong the 6 places, this one is where I/m most excited to go. It’s like a miniature village version of the coastal towns of Tunisia. 

imageThe whole place was inspired by Moroccan palaces along with those stained-glass windows that perfectly fit the environment. 

imageLike a true house, eh?

imageYou’ll definitely love walking around this court because it will give you that feeling of being in another place. 

imageIt’s like I was brought back at the time of Jesus seeing those square-type stores and facades. 


imageLet’s finish our tour by going to ANDALUSIA. Andalusia is found in Southern Spain, also referred to as the ‘Muslim-Spain’. 

imageimageThe ceilings were accentuated with beautiful chandeliers and tile roof. 

imageimageimageThis court features The Lion Fountain which is based in the Alhambra Palace in Spain. It’s surrounded by columns in marble. 

imageI know this is a heavy photo-post, thanks for dealing with it anyway. I should have posted this weeks ago but things got a little busy these past couple of days. I apologize for this delay. *hehe Overall, I totally enjoyed this day. I’ve got to see the world in a day!

#IBN Battuta Mall
Dubai, UAE (June 2014)

Reflections and Realizations

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Oftentimes, we do not understand how God works within our lives. We only see a clearer picture if He answers our selfish prayers. When things don’t turn out the way we wanted it to be, we put all the blame on Him, even curse Him to a point that we consider him non-existent.

How do we define God’s role in our lives? Do we consider Him a genie who’s going to grant all of our self-centered wishes and desires? Or maybe, we think of Him as our personal servant who would follow our every bratty move? I’m afraid that sometimes this is reality. We think of Him as a wish-granting factory. What about us? What is our role in God’s life? We act like gods most of the time. When we do something that’s unlawful in the eyes of God, did he curse us? Most of the time, it just seems so unfair in God’s part when we’re being ungrateful of everything.

I do believe that we are all ‘prodigals’. We always find a way to stray and wander away from him. Because we think that we know what’s best in our lives. However, at the end of the day, God is still there, waiting for us to come back.

I didn’t have the slightest idea as to why God made me pass that mind-cracking Board examination when I haven’t given much effort during my College days when in fact, others would sleep so late at night just to study our lessons the next day and yet, they didn’t make it on the list. I don’t want to sound that I’m-Miss-Know-It-All because I’m not. Honestly, I barely knew our lessons in College. This may sound unfair to others, yes and no. Yes because they’ve given their best but to no avail; No because God prepared something grander for you.  

Like others, I tend to stay away from working as a nurse as much as possible because I don’t feel like it. I’m way too grateful for that December 2011 blessing but I just can’t see myself roaming around the hospital corridor again. I applied to various jobs but to no avail. I would ask Him what’s wrong with me why I can’t have that job when other people tend to get it without putting much effort? It was one of those moments that ‘I-don’t-understand’. And then, I decided to go back to nursing. God saw how much I’ve struggled and cried myself to sleep all through those times. Amidst all those, I knew nothing but one thing: HE HAD A PURPOSE ON ME. HE PREPARED ME FOR SOMETHING BETTER THAT’S BOUND TO HAPPEN. HE LOVES ME. I hold on to His promise in Jeremiah 29:11 every time I felt like giving up. I barely remember when did I start talking to God, telling Him every pain and worry I have, asking Him ‘why’ and ‘what-ifs’ and all those times, I know He’s silently listening. 

I came up with a theory as to why God made me experience all those moments. 

1. He wants me to learn the true meaning of humility, patience, respect, compassion, understanding and kindness. Yes, I learned all these things while working as an ICU Nurse. It became more transparent to me now than it was before. It’s more of understanding a person, not just caring because I was asked to. I may not learn everything from theory but no book could teach me how to talk and take care of my patient. 
2. He helps me to be a better communicator and a good listener. I grew up as a shy person except when I was with my friends. But I have to build up a rapport and trust to my patients, and so I really have to master the art of communicating. Maybe He knows that sometime in my life, I need this skill, and so He uses that experienced for me to learn how to strike up a conversation to a random individual and listen to those who need it. 
3. We are blessed in different ways. I also had those moments when I think of life as unfair. A lot of us think of that way too, right? We are blinded by our everyday struggle that oftentimes we do not recognize those tiny blessings on our way. It’s hard to appreciate life when we are at our weakest point. I guess, we are just blessed in different ways. God knows our needs and wants. He also sees our hardships and happiness. After all, He’s our Father and we are His children. 

It’s harder to see the bigger picture of what He wants us to learn when we’re too focused on the things that we wanted for ourselves in this life. Living abroad could be a double-edge sword. It would always have its opposite counterparts. I got overwhelmed by living in a multiracial country, along with its skyscrapers and people in all walks of life. Although right now, I’m already getting used to it. Finding work is another story. I don’t know if this is too early to reveal but I’ve got great news regarding my luck in here in finding a job. On the contrary, a friend of mine has had several interviews already since she came here but it’s as if luck wasn’t on her side as what she said. But what made me set her as an example is not all about luck. It’s all about having faith in something. You see, she got so disappointed with God, this is according to her, because she thinks that God seems so distant when she needed Him most. She thinks that God is not looking down at her, seeing all her hardships and struggles for the past weeks. I don’t have any right to question her faith with God but it seems that she kind of lost it already. She’s so angry with God right now that she can’t seem to appreciate every single blessing she had. I’m afraid she would stop praying and even backslide. I don’t know if there was a point in my life where in I cursed God. I question God with ‘why-things-happen’, yes, but I haven’t lost faith in Him. Sometimes, I wanna tell her that God has something in store for her, that God loves her but she’s driven by her anger that she doesn’t want to listen. I’m not judging her, I’m concerned about her and her relationship with God. I’m afraid she would stop praying. Her boyfriend told her to read the book of Job which she did and realized she was tested like him. Later on, her boyfriend (which happened to be a close friend of mine) told me what if she’s just praying but not even having Faith on it? I said to myself, yeah, it’s even possible. Prayer + Trust = Having Faith that God knows what’s best for you and will give you something you deserve.

I’m not a super-righteous individual. I often skipped church but I make it to a point that I don’t want to seem distant with God. It’s just sad that sometimes, when failures and trials come our way, we forget our journey with God and replace it with our human emotions. I hope and pray that she may find the purpose of what God really wants her to be. 

"God’s plans will always be greater and more beautiful than all our disppointments." - Anonymous

Sweet Treats: 06.24.14

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My first ever gelato Experience. 

Kilala ni Nang Joy yung isang nagtatrabaho dito, si Kuya Roy. Kaya naman sobrang puno yung cup ko. And hindi lang yun, instead na isang flavor lang, dinalawa pa niya, parang it’s a sort of libre na..hahaha. I have Cookies ‘n Cream tsaka Cremino. Gusto ko sana yung Pistacchio kaso nalagay na ni Kuya Roy yung Cremino. haha Next time nalang. Kung pwede lang, tinikman ko na sanang lahat, nahiya na kasi ako. Sobrang bait tsaka bubbly ni Kuya Roy. *hahaha Ganoon din yung ginawa niya sa kapatid ko. Yung sa kanya was Wild Berry and Ferrero Rocher naman. 

Dubai Adventures

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imageDUBAI, UAE — It’s my first time to visit a beach here in Dubai. And during summer months, it’s not really a very good idea to go out sun bathing under the Emirati sun. 

imageWe went to Al Mamzar Beach Park and the place was just super nice. 

imageAnd because it’s Nang Joy’s Birthday, we’re here to celebrate. Mas marami pang bisita yung kapatid kung lalaki kaysa kay Nang Joy. haha. Actually, sa kanya lahat nang bisita. We had spaghetti, softdrinks, bread, chips and doughnuts but I wasn’t able to take photos of it. 

imageThis is actually part of the Park. It’s like a coliseum. 

imageGing2x was with us. 

imageI so love the combination of turquoise and tan. It’s just lovely. 

imageWe were together with Kuya Nene (in red), Kuya Gino (in Yellow), Kuya Mark (in Black) and Doc (in Blue). It was supposed their group picture but I’m such a photobomber.

imageMe and Ging and Nang Joy enjoying the beach. Oh yeah, sorry for the inappropriate beach wear. We’re just being careful with our beach ootd’s.. *wahaha, joke.

imageCan you spot the difference between this 2 photos?!

imageMy favorite photo of myself. I’m loving every bit of it.

#Al Mamzar Beach Park
Dubai, UAE (June 2014)