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040614: Best Summer Date Ever On A Sunday Part 2 of 2

Posted by Clarie on Sunday, April 13, 2014 Filed under: #Daily 20


This is the 2nd installment of our Summer escapade! And also There it goes! this will be my last post regarding our trip to Aguisan!

imageWe barely slept the other night because we had a lot of catching up to do and it seems that no one wants to shut up. Everyone has a story to tell and an opinion to say.
1. That’s our tent! We weren’t supposed to be sleeping in there. It’s just that, the weather’s quite humid inside the house.
2. The 3rd storey!
3. Early morning by the beach.
4. The house from the outside.
5. That’s Jev cooking our breakfast!
6. Ella trying to act like she’s cooking our breakfast!
7. That’s us! Waiting for our meal!
8. The table is set!
9. Yey! Breakfast time!!!

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040514: Best Summer Date Ever On A Saturday Part I of 2

Posted by Clarie on Saturday, April 12, 2014 Filed under: #Daily 12

This is a story of 8 young girls who blocked their schedules for a weekend adventure with tons fun and laughter. This would be the first part of the two series.

imageimage#Daily Dose

1. Jev, Elyn, Ella and Noema fetched me at our house. Nang Allen was already in Binalbagan so we just have to fetched her along the way. Karmel’s RDO was actually forgotten by her supervisor. Sol had to attend some things in her school. Our groupie shot inside the car.
2. Went to Payao and had so much fun under the scorching heat of the sun.
3. The beauty of the blooming rice fields.
4. Another shot with the ricefiels.
*Did you know that we all know wear white? It was totally unplanned.

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Posted by Clarie on Saturday, April 12, 2014 Filed under: #Soles 18

imageimageSole Series #3 || AGUISAN SERIES

040514. WS with the Pink Flowers || WS in the sand || WS with the brown-tiled floor || WS in the 3rd floor terrace

5 Confessions

Posted by Clarie on Friday, April 11, 2014 Filed under: #5 Confessions 12

1. Last Saturday, we went to Aguisan for a mini get together - Me and my Roomies in College.
2. We had so much fun since the moment we left our place. Gosh, I lost count on how many times I have to control my laugh over a certain subject.
3. I ate a lot of food. We even had our midnight snack at 3 in the morning: Bread and Chiz Whiz! 
4. We talked about anything and everything under the sun. Both past and the present. And it feels so good to talked to these people. They’re one of those few people who knew me inside and out.
5. I realized that in a reunion, it’s not important where you’ve got to spend it. What matters most is the people you are with. It doesn’t matter how big or small your group is but what’s important is the connection you feel with one another.

040514: Transition of Sunsets in Aguisan On A Saturday

Posted by Clarie on Friday, April 11, 2014 Filed under: #Daily 20

“Pink is a beautiful color, because it is one of the colors that the sun makes at twilight and in the dawns.” - Anonymous-

This is how God painted the sky in Aguisan last Saturday! I was in awe when I saw the sky in twilight! Love. Love. Love.

The last two photos of sunsets were taken when we’re going home. It was somewhere in Valla Dolid. Jev slowed down for me to capture it :D ‘Twas a golden one :D

Roomies in Aguisan

Posted by Clarie on Thursday, April 10, 2014 Filed under: #Roomies 10

imageWhat is a Soulmate? They are angels sent by God to blend in with you even if you have the craziest idea in town. They are an extension of sisterhood you wished you ever had. They are those who would and will accept you even if you’re a bummer or the most self-opinionated person in this world. They are at some point your id and your superego, telling you everything they want just to let you understand the real situation without getting hurt of those mean words; letting you cry for a moment all by yourself in one corner, hugging you after and then letting you realize that you can just laugh out loud over your problems. They just love you for who you are because they know that you’re worth is more than you and other people know. They can be a group or a single person. It’s not always being romantically involved to have a SOUL MATE, sometimes they can be your friends. 

Growing up, most of my friends were girls. That’s why sometimes, I wonder what it feels like to have guy friends where in you can exchange certain opinions and things about the opposites. It was also at this point that I both love and hate their company. Maybe it was just part of growing up having petty quarrels. But to me, sometimes it sounds so unfair.  And then one time, I asked God if He could gave me someone whom I can trust in the personality of a bestfriend. But then, He didn’t gave me one, instead He gave me more than a dozen of friends. Of course I was happy and even grateful because after all these years I’m still connected with those people. But then, I realize that I cannot tell them everything that I wanted to share. I felt that something’s missing — and I already knew what it was.

They say that the people you meet in College who will eventually become your friends will last for a lifetime. At first, I didn’t believe in that and will always have a disagreeable face whenever I hear teachers saying that. Because you see, I was still in the same group of friends since Grade school. So technically speaking, they’re not considered as new-found friends in College because we’ve been friends for years. I thought I was already happy with my circle. [Don’t get me wrong, of course I am happy being with the same people I knew since I was a kid]. But then I realize it’s true after all. You’re really gonna find real friends in college whom you will keep for the rest of your life.

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Posted by Clarie on Wednesday, April 09, 2014 Filed under: #Places #Philippines #Asia #Aguisan 31

imageimageAGUISAN, PHILIPPINES — After a series of planning, we finally pushed through our plans of having a mini get-together at Jev’s Place in Aguisan. If you’ve been reading my blog for quite sometime now, you know exactly that I’ve been blogging a lot about that place since this would be my 3rd comeback. At long last, we’re all gonna be there. The 8 of us. The Roomies. When was the last time we’re all complete? Before I proceed, let me introduce my treasured Roomies.

So, were 8 in the circle. There’s Me, Jev, Ella, Karmel, Nang Allen, Noema, Sol, and Elyn. Some of us met in Highshcool while others in College.But it was in College that we’ve grown closer since we live in a dorm. Me, Ella, Jev, and Nang Allen were from Room 108 while Noema, Sol, and Elyn were from Room 107. Karmel joined us later because she’s a year younger than us. Our rooms were facing next to each other, and both our rooms were an extension of one another. When the dean told us that our room have to be renovated and be turned into a special room, we have to pack up our things at the end of the semester and move out. Since, they’re our closest buddies in the dorm, we asked them if they could take us in, and they all 3 agreed.That’s how we began to even get closer…and the rest is history.

We’re all set on a Friday. Food. Car. The House. And of course, Us. We decided to leave at 1 in the afternoon, Saturday. They fetched me at the house. After we bade goodbye to my parents and saying our prayers for a safety trip, we’re good to go. The moment we’re all inside the car, laughter began to surround the atmosphere. Well, I love to believe that me and Ella was the life of the group. I’m not saying that the rest are boring, it’s just that, whenever me and Ella are together, we could just crack jokes and talk endlessly about anything. There’s Jev, the one behind the wheels, so she had to do multitasking — to listen-share her own joke-and drive. Elyn seated next to Jev had also her fair share of things to laugh about while Noema would just laugh and listen to what everyone were saying since she came from her night shift. I feel so bloated and hungry throughout the entire road trip thing because of the excessive air intake that was due to laughing out loud. During our journey, we were stuck in a traffic jam,  saw Bumbleebee’s car, suffered from the afternoon heat beaming through the car’s window, eat Piattos, listen to music, etc.   

Noema had to drop off something to Auntie (her mom) in Payao. So we decided to just tag along since we have more than enough gas to waste. And since I’ve been begging Jev if we could find a blooming rice field where we could take pictures. Click to Read our Payao Adventures Here.

imageIt was already past 5 when we reached the place and the sun began to set. We set up the place, dragged our bags in the house and took pictures on the terrace with the golden sun as the background.

imageimageI hurriedly went down to the beach to capture the sunset. After all, it was one of those things that I’ve been looking forward. At first, I was a little bit disappointed because it’s kind of pale yellow in color, but once it began setting, there’s that combination of blazing yellow and orange. 

As the sun finally waves goodbye to end the day, it gave more color over the horizon matching it with the blue sky. Isn’t it wonderful? It’s like seeing a postcard for real.

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Happy Meal: 04.05-06.14

Posted by Clarie on Tuesday, April 08, 2014 Filed under: #Pleasures #Happy Meal 18

(*This post would be quite long). The Roomies (that’s us) decided to packed our things for the weekend and go somewhere South just to have a mini reunion. Jev prepared every meal for us, not that were lazy, actually we’re all willing to help, but then again, she doesn’t want us too. Because she knew it would be a total kitchen disaster if all of us would apply our basic cooking knowledge.

imageSATURDAY 04.05.14: For our first night, we had the following meal.The original plan was to have Chicken Barbecue. But since everyone’s kind of hungry already, Jev just decided to shift it into Adobo and Fried Chicken ( as I requested the fried chicken…*hehehe)

Dinner Menu
Chicken Adobo
Fried Chicken

imageSUNDAY 04.06.14: On a Sunday, we had the usual morning breakfast. Hotdogs and Eggs.

Breakfast Menu
Sunny Side Up Eggs
Hot Chocolate Drink

imageSUNDAY 04.06.14: The most exciting part of the day when it comes to meals. I saw Jev making Lemon Iced Tea and I was like, “oh my gosh, that’s so cute”… Being the usual “designer-when-it-comes-to-preparation”, she sliced the lemons into squares and put it into each of our glasses, then she added a summery effect with the lemons on the side. *cool! And then, Sol brought something. I thought it was a cake but it was Brazos instead. She also bought the Chicken. 

Lunch Menu
Chicken Lechon
Lemon Iced Tea
Brazo De Mercedes

imageSnacks. For our snacks, we had Whatta Tops and Lemon Square Cupcakes, and Bread with Cheeze Whiz.

It was indeed a sumptuous meal, with lots of laughter shared over table. I feel so bloated and full at the same time because I ate a lot. Cheers to it! Delicious Food + Great Company = Happy Tummy!

The Versatile Blogger Award

Posted by Clarie on Monday, April 07, 2014 Filed under: #Icebreakers #The Versatile Blogger Award 16

imageFirst and foremost, I feel so much loved after receiving another 4 Versatile Blogger Awards coming from wonderful people here on Tumblr. Special thanks and lots of love for Myril of myrilmae007, Aelar of yamralea, Antonette of infiniitte, and Mimi of mideux. I really appreciate it a lot for considering me Versatile.

*P.S. Since 4 people sent me this Award, I might as well multiply it to 7. And I’m tagging everyone for this.

1. My movie addiction started when I was in College. It was some sort of a stress reliever and a get-away from the stressful reality of Nursing.
2. My “always feel-good movie” was Soul Surfer. I don’t know why, maybe because my favorite word was FAITH and that’s what the movie was all about.
3. The longest movie I’ve ever watched was Ghajini (220 min). Followed by Titanic (120 min), Troy (196 min), The Green Mile (189 min), Pearl Harbor (184 min). And I don’t mind sitting for hours because they’re really one of the best movies I’ve ever watched.
4. I haven’t watch Schindler’s list. I mean, I watched it because it’s part of our History class in highschool, but I didn’t finish it. I got so bored and I just can’t understand the whole story. The only part that I understand was that “the Jews were being persecuted and Schindler’s was a rich and bought every Jew just to save them”.
5. Because of Aamir Khan, I got hooked to Indian movies.
6. 3 Idiots was the first Bollywood film I’ve ever watched.
7. The two movies that made me cry from beginning to end were Taare Zameen Par (Every Child Is Special) and Number 7 Room’s Gift (Miracle in Cell No.7).
8. I don’t like too-much of a Sci-Fi movie. That’s why, it wasn’t much of a big deal to me The Transformers and G.I. Joe. It was only last year that I tried watching it and I got so hooked that I’m waiting for the next installment of both movies.
9. I’m not fond of anything that’s of Marvel’s. (Maybe because I’ve had enough of Pinoy’s comics edition and they just don’t do justice when making one). That’s why, it took me a long time to watch X-Men. But then again, it was different from others and yeah, I like it.
10. One of my most favorite movie line was: "You gave me peace in a lifetime of war" - Achilles of Troy. I was crying when Brad Pitt said that.
11. Among all movies, the most heartbreaking I’ve seen so far was The Impossible. Partly because as a Filipino, I can relate to the situation. Not totally relate but because of what happened last year that test the limit of our soul and faith.
12. My childhood favorite movies were: The Mighty Ducks and Homeward Bound.
13. My favorite musical movie was Pitch Perfect.
14. My favorite movie with a sequel was Fast and Furious. I’m always looking forward to it every year. And I was really saddened of Paul Walker’s death because there’s nothing like Brian O’Conner and I love Vin Diesel.
15. I love Step Up.
16. I’m not a fan of the Twilight Saga movie. My only favorite part was of Bella’s wedding. It was my dream wedding. I’d rather watched Hunger Games.
17. Gifted Hands, Patch Adams and Something The Lord Made were three of my most favorite medical-related movie.
18. I could totally relate in Crazy Little Thing Called Love. The whole having-a-crush-thing and all.
19. I didn’t pay much attention to Tom Hanks before, not until I watched Forrest Gump. He became one of my favorite actor now and I wanted to meet him someday.
20. If there’s one Asian/Hollywood icon I really would love to meet (and hug), it would be Jackie Chan. I just so love him. My favorite Jackie Chan’s movie was the Rush Hour Trilogy.
21. Ever since I started watching Soul Surfer, I became addicted to surfing movies like Blue Crush and Chasing Mavericks.
22. Movies about Black American would always inspire me - like The Blind Side and The Help.
23. I’m a person who can deal with action movies. Growing up, my brother would always rent a VHS tape whenever there was a party at home and it would either be comedy or action. They’re more of a Stallone-Schwarzenegger-Van Damme movie while I’m more of a Seagal-Statham-Adkins type, but i can deal with the former too.
24. I have a complete collection of all Nicholas Sparks’ novel-turned -movie and my favorite among them was A Walk To Remember followed by The Notebook.
25. The first Filipino movie I ever cried at was One More Chance.
26. My favorite Cartoon movie was Up. Russell is just so cute.
27. I still watched Barbie movies.
28. I can deal with any movie as long as the story line is great.

So there you go :)

photo credit x by Ian B.
(He’s a classmate/batchmate in HIghschool and a schoolmate in College)

Posted by Clarie on Monday, April 07, 2014 Filed under: #Places #Binalbagan #Philippines #Asia 22

imageBINALBAGAN, PHILIPPINES — It was one hot, Saturday afternoon when we decided to take a detour to Brgy. Payao before heading to our vacation playground. Days before our actual trip, I was actually asking Jev if we could visit some place where I could see the blooming rice fields. Good news was, Noemarie, who lives in Payao, had to ran some errands and we decided to tagged along.

imageJust looked at this majestic view. Pretty place, isn’t it? *Parang nasa ibang bansa lang diba?!

imageHalfway through our trip, we passed by this yellow-green fields that enticed the inner travel-spirit in us. We hurriedly got out of the car and enjoy the scenery along with taking photos of ourselves feeling like a tourist.

imageimageimageimageSomewhere in this place stands this beautiful home. Nang Allen kind of knew the family (although not really personally), because like her, they’re rice millers. *So medyo iisa yung takbo nang business nila. At long last, it was as if my longing over such dreamy scenery was being treated.

#The Rice Fields in Payao
Binalbagan, Negros Occidental (Apr 2014)